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work + ethics

  • How and where is Maddalena Bearzi jewelry made?

    Each jewelry piece is one of a kind and meticulously handcrafted in the Maddalena Bearzi studio located in Los Angeles, California.
  • What makes this jewelry sustainable?

    Because the ethos of Maddalena Bearzi’s work is based on her passion and respect for the natural world, her entire handcrafted jewelry practice holds a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Many pieces are made of reclaimed metals, upcycled vintage objects, precious and semi-precious sustainable stones.
  • What types of metals and materials are used?

    A variety of reclaimed, vintage and fine metals are used, including silver, 14k, 18k, 22k and 24k gold, copper, bronze and brass. These metals are often forged and blended together to create original and organic forms. Textiles such as Japanese organic cotton and upcycled vintage materials are also incorporated in selected pieces.
  • What’s the meaning of your logo?

    Sustainable designs inspired by nature are at the heart of each Maddalena Bearzi organic jewelry piece. Our minimalistic logo has a multifaceted significance – the green circle is an archetypal symbol of the earth and the beauty of nature, including its cycles of regeneration and renewal, which are reflected in sustainable jewelry-making practices. Whether rings, bracelets, or necklaces, these binding principles are manifested in each circular jewelry form.
  • Why do you have a magpie as your mascot?

    The magpie is a bird belonging to the crow family and one of the few animal species able to recognize itself in a mirror. Originally inspired by European folklore and a 19th-century French play, it’s widely believed that magpies have an irresistible attraction to sparkly things, including collecting jewelry for their nests. While new scientific studies have debunked this myth, our curious, whimsical little mascot makes its appearance here and there, admiring jewelry and even stealing our logo ring to add to its nest!  

general things to know

  • Where can I buy Maddalena Bearzi jewelry?

    There are several ways you can own a Maddalena Bearzi one of a kind jewelry piece - Conveniently shop in our online store, or purchase jewelry in person from a range of selected retail stores and galleries. You can also buy directly from the Maddalena Bearzi studio in Los Angeles by contacting us to set an appointment.
  • Can I buy a jewelry piece that I have seen in your gallery, home page slideshow, Facebook page or blog?

    Some of the jewelry pieces in our gallery, home page, etc. are also for sale. Please contact us to inquire about a specific piece and pricing. All items have Italian names inspired by nature so it won’t be difficult for us to identify what you like!
  • Do you make custom jewelry?

    Yes we do! Please see our custom orders page for more info and to place your order.
  • How do I know what my ring size is?

    Measuring your ring size is easy, and an online sizing chart can be found here.
  • How do I care for my jewelry?

    Please see our care + cleaning page to learn how to best care for your pieces so they will last a lifetime.
  • What’s the difference between “gold”, “gold-plated” and “gold-filled”?

    Definitions set by the US Federal Trade Commission can help you understand the difference:

    When used by itself, the word "gold" means all gold or 24 karat (24kt) gold. Because 24kt gold is soft, it is usually alloyed with other metals to increase its hardness and durability. The karat quality marking tells you what proportion of gold is mixed with the other metals. Fourteen karat (14kt) jewelry contains 14 parts of gold, mixed in throughout with 10 parts of other metal. The higher the karat rating, the higher the proportion of gold in the piece of jewelry.

    "Gold-filled," "gold overlay" and "rolled gold" plate describe jewelry that has a layer of at least 10 karat gold mechanically bonded to a base metal (such as brass).

    "Gold plate" (or electroplate) describes jewelry that has a layer (at least .175 microns thick) of a minimum of 10 karat gold deposited on a base metal by an electrolytic process.

  • Why do the stones and metals of my piece look slightly different from those on the website?

    All our materials have different natural qualities that bring individual character and uniqueness to each jewelry piece. Metal colors can vary slightly depending on the metalsmithing techniques used, and colors can also change with time. Many stones have natural texture and inclusions that can differ from stone to stone. All of these qualities contribute to making each piece one of a kind and organic.

shows + sales

  • Do you have an event or trunk show coming up?

    Sign up on our email list for info on upcoming shows, trunk shows, give-aways and other Maddalena Bearzi news & updates. We won’t bombard you with email - Promise! You can also check out our blog & like our Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • How do I know if any of your jewelry is on sale?

    Check out our online shop for the latest sale items in our current inventory. You can also be notified of upcoming sales and promotions by signing up on our email list and on our blog, Instagram and Facebook page.


ordering + shipping

  • What credit cards do you accept? What about Paypal?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club. We can also accept gift and prepaid cards that are one of the above types. We do not accept Paypal payments at this time.

    Please be sure to provide exact billing and mailing address. Incorrect information may cause delays or cancellation of your order. Full payment is due before any order is custom made or shipped. International shoppers in some countries may be charged additional fees by their banks.
  • How long will it take for my order to ship?

    All jewelry is handcrafted in our studio. Items for sale in our online shop are ready for shipping and usually mailed within three business days. If your order is time-sensitive, please email us to help ensure your piece is shipped as swiftly as possible.
  • How long will it take for my custom order to ship?

    Custom pieces are individually made after you place your order.  Custom jewelry is typically forged and shipped within two weeks, depending on the complexity of the commission. 
  • Do you ship internationally (outside of the U.S.)?

    Yes, we do. You’ll see specific information available for your region during step 2 of the checkout process. 
  • How do I check on my order status?

    Simply email us if you’d like to check the status of your order. All orders have tracking numbers.
  • What do I do if I wish to modify or cancel my order?

    If you wish to modify or cancel an order that has not yet shipped, please immediately email or call us at 1 (310) 591 - 0331.


exchange + return policies

  • What’s your return policy?

    All sales are final. Each piece of Maddalena Bearzi one of a kind organic jewelry is a precious object made by hand. As such, no item will ever look the same as another, even if it is the same style. Our jewelry will also bear some “imperfections” which are the evidence of hand-workmanship and something we are proud of.

    If you have questions about your order, please email us.
  • Can I get a different ring size if mine doesn't fit?

    While sales are final, we are occasionally able to exchange rings from handmade limited editions if another size is available. Please remember that no two items are ever identical. We can occasionally also resize rings, depending on their design. Please contact us if you have questions about resizing.


privacy info

  • What do you do with my private information?

    We are highly committed to your security and will never sell, lease or share your information with others. We strictly use your information to confirm and complete orders, communicate with you regarding any questions about your order and to keep you updated on our work (unless you ask us not do so). You can unsubscribe to email updates at any time by simply emailing us with “unsubscribe” in the subject line.


the people behind this site

  • Who is Maddalena Bearzi?

    You can learn more about the jewelry designer and her commitment to nature in the about, press and blog pages. You can also directly ask Maddalena questions via blog, Instagram or Facebook.
  • Who is the designer of this website?

    Maddalena Bearzi branding and website design by Joanna Arlukiewicz. You can contact Joanna to share feedback about this site, or if you have a cool upcoming project you'd like some help with. :)
  • Why have I seen the name “necko designs” associated with Maddalena Bearzi?

    Maddalena Bearzi one of a kind organic jewelry was previously known as necko designs – this former name is occasionally referenced in older media coverage and some online items.


additional questions?

Please contact us with any additional questions - we're happy to help!